March 20, 2012


1. The Breeders - Bang On 
2. Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness 
3. Cut Chemist - What's The Altitude
4. The Grates - Turn Me On 
5. Fun. Feat. Janelle Monae - We Are Young 
6. Rjd2 - Ghostwriter 
7. Holiday Murray - Jirey 
8. Generationals - Ten Twenty Ten 
9. Teddybears - Cobrastyle

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Here are the photographs of the past (#BIRTHDAY) weekend as promised :) 
As one could probably pick up, shit got crazy. A raucous Saturday night - which also JUST HAPPENED to be St. Patrick's Day, too - was spent with my favourite "bad girls" (Dante included), a new and might I add very special friend, Matty Bayly, Justus the Rogue Priest/Guardian Angel/Caretaker and the ultimate "Designated Dave": Cam'dawg!

I thought Mystic Lady might have over-exaggerated when he - after feeding me some God-awful flaming concoction - gave me a high-five, coupled with the words: "I'm going to say goodnight to you now because after this you won't remember a thing". Well... Turns out, he knew what he was talking about. Apparently I psychotically managed to yell how I wanted the other disposable camera left in the Paper Jet, and - looking at these - perhaps you can understand why I was so adamant.  THESE PICTURES ARE PRICELESS/ ALL KINDS HILARIOUS/ PERFECT FOR BLACK MAIL.

In between manic episodes of puking I was sung to (Super Bass by Nicki Minaj, but of course), told I throw up only glitter, and somehow managed to hoist myself up mid-puking to say; "I just want to be classy!" I suppose it's good to have dreams, no matter how unattainable they might seem in the throes of drunken behaviour.
But, I guess that's why "Young, Beautiful & Stupid" is just always the perfect excuse :)

I hope you are all doing well - have a fantastic day off tomorrow; spend it wisely and enjoy the little break :D 

Until next time - KISS KISS 

And, as always, stay YB&S

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