July 17, 2011

Quick Thief !

Just had a lovely cup of tea with Adam friend! Great to be soaking up the sun on such a fine day!

I've literally gone out every night this week, which leaves one with heavy lack of sleep syndrome where in moments of the day I catch myself yawning a little longer than usual or suddenly undergoing waves of intense lethargy where I just want to lie in the sun and bask like the cat that I am.

Speaking of cats, can we please just direct our attention - for a second - to these adorable pictures I took of my cat-companion Nougat this afternoon! Also pay some attention - I'm rather attention seeking this afternoon, aren't I? - by having a quick look at my fabulous new Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes! I think, I am in love... And yes, I realise I just minimised myself to a cultural female cliche by saying that I have romantic feelings toward a pair of shoes, but, you see, if you do not (at this present time) share the same emotion toward my new favourite thing you obviously haven't seen them in person yet - and I assure you, that for a long while in the future you will see me parading around in my purchase! I'm telling you, this ATTRACTION is FATAL.

+ I'm such a busy girrrrl, I have to keep track of my own whereabouts! :

1 comment:

  1. Love the pics of Nougat, the way you took them looks as if it is snowing.