July 9, 2011

bashfully braided

So happy to have finally met the famous Mr. Stefan Benade, Mia's date for the Matric Dance. Had a lot of fun with him last night (that sounds dodgy, but I was ladylike about it, aaakay). Mia better get ready, he's got some CRAZY moves on the dance floor! I think if we carried on for any longer we would have been kicked out of Terrace, and let me tell you, it takes quite a lot to be kicked out of that dump.

Surprisingly fun night at Mystics last night - everyone is slowly but surely returning to the Bosch (except my much-missed El-cat!). Besides being chatted up by three burly rugby players - who incessantly complimented my peach dress, which was weird - the night on a whole was a success :)

+ Fab news: I've been invited to take part in an exhibition called Bodyblocks which is happening on July 28th at Exposure Gallery at The Old Biscuit Mill. Please please come and support me and see the wonderful creative talent Cape Town has to offer! 

That's all from me for now, have a beautiful weekend and stay tuned for some film shots coming soon!

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