November 6, 2012


These are just a few bits & bobs from the past two weeks or so. 
Pictures from the Dasain celebrations that took place in October at J House and the past few days that I've spent with my placement supervisor; traveling by motorbike to rural villages and outlying schools. The people you meet along the way are amazing - every single one of them inviting us in for tea and food. Nepal is a country of 'welcomes'. 

People living in these remote areas, secluded valleys and high up on mountains almost appear nomadic. Although they all have homes - of course basic - it all feels somewhat fleeting. The constant irony (like with most things in Nepal) is that they all seem like rolling stones, yet the wrinkles on the faces of the old look as if they've been a part of this tough landscape and it's challenges all their lives. The more rural it gets the more close-knit families, and the community around them, become. In a world like the one we all live in today, it's a very special thing to witness.

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