March 31, 2011

RA-RA-RASPUTIN (and other oddities)

Some photographs of my recent trip to Germany & Russia (for more photographs click here)

                  // Returned yesterday from my ten day history tour trip to Munich, Berlin, Moscow and St. Petersburg - needless to say extremely exhausted and rather moody. 
After showering and putting on a decent one layer of clothing as opposed to the hefty six that Russia required, I felt vaguely like a human being again. I then preceded to see ol' PEG'LEG on a short visit down from boarding school in Durban in town last night - well worth it indeed! However, I did start fading round 10 o'clock and needed a tequila or two to boost my spirits which did nothing but make me wobbly on my heels.
Best part of the night however is definitely when a stranger at BP saw my tired state and told me that at least I was breathing. I have no idea what that means but thank you BP stranger, you provided me with giggles. I THEN BOUGHT TWO CHOCOLATES AND HAD TEA AND WENT TO BED. 

Congratulations to Mia for passing her driver's and El'cat's debut at Artscape! Missed you kids :)

I be ramblin'. 

I'm going to go watch The King's Speech now. Don't worry I will tell all about it because I have no life. Only a blog. And no, it isn't the same thing.


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