January 1, 2011

A Time for Enchantment

Happy new year y'all :)
Ah, I'm feeling so great today, I think it has to do mainly with the sun being out in the European sky for a change but also just generally excited or 2011!

Last year, this time, the main exciting things that occupied my mind were (of course) the upcoming World Cup tournament to be held in South Africa, June 2010. I was so proud of South Africa and everything we had done to prepare for this world class event. A kind of 'tag line' or phrase was constantly reappearing in my mind: Alive with Possibility. I wrote it everywhere: on books, my wall, incorporating it on photographs because I really thought it rang true for the year ahead. And, true to form, it did. 2010 was definitely the most successful year, so to say, in my young little career as an artist. 'Alive with Possibility' I think highlights the importance of doing something that you love and going from strength to strength within that field.
This year, however, is a little different.
There is no World Cup to look forward too and frankly my June/July looks a little bare, a little naked at the moment. SUGGESTIONS WELCOME.
Therefore, it is with this in mind that I have decided that my 2011 'tag line' will be 'A Time for Enchantment'. I love the word enchantment, its so magical just within itself. I've decided on this one because since my stay here in The Netherlands I've realised a few things about myself as a young person, to name just one: I love people.
Simple as that. Basically: if you are a person, you are awesome. But if you happen to be a robot, I can deal with that too. (Beep bop, beep bop bop)

As everyone probably already knows I am besotted with a certain Audrey Hepburn and have been since I was a little girl. I think she encapsulates perfectly the true essence of enchantment, and I dare to say I will be just the same, but sure as anything, I'm going to try.
So now comes a time in the calender for New Years resolutions, hangovers, hair that smells like smoke, mystery bruises on legs, nicotine patches as well as gum and silly catch phrases like these to keep us supposedly in check. I don't think I buy into all of that. To be honest, I find it utter rubbish. But my love for words and all the they stand for makes me want to romance the idea of a catch phrase for the year, so I will. 
'A Time for Enchantment' it is then. 

...And maybe some nicotine patches, too. Just for good measure of course.

So much love,

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