June 11, 2010

This place, I love. (One hundred times proud)

One day to go and I feel like it's Christmas. Aaah, I can't sleep, I'm so excited!

It's been a while coming, but I find it completely amazing yet at the same time I find it no surprise that South Africa has pulled together one spectacular event. It is definitely something I will not forget for a long time to come. From all the pain and suffering this great nation has seen in its dark and sometimes shameful past we welcome on the eve of a world class event, the world. I believe that in the past three or four years South Africa has really proven themselves and we are all living, breathing proof that nothing is impossible. I hate to sound cliché about my pride and love for this country, but bear with me. In the end, it's not about proving anything to anyone or anything, but instead it's about celebration and humanity. And I hope that in any tiny way you can, show your support with the trust that it will not go unnoticed and will not be an insignificant symbol of appreciation to all of this country's people. This country will shine for you. This country, the symbol of freedom.

And for one man in particular, thank you Madiba.

Our teacher, hero, icon and father.

And in true African style, the people will sing and dance and show everyone of the world a really good time! KE NAKO

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