January 17, 2010

What's so beautiful in an action?

I was thinking the other day about how the things we write in things like descriptive essays and so on are so far off from the real truth. If you think about it, it makes no sense why sometimes, we write the things we do. The title here, 'what's so beautiful in an action' is to explain this. When we write about things whether it be happy or sad, horrific or romantic we go into so much detail to describe the setting, the mood, the people involved etc. that the actual storyline is watered down so much and the infinite details surrounding the story become the main attraction. When describing a fight, for example, we use words like; blood, fists, punch, anger, horrible, scared, adrenaline etc. But, when describing everything else around the 'fight' we get carried away, speaking about how the trees shone like misted lights on a cold, frosted night and how my fist trembled ever so slightly as I resisted another punch in my enemy's eye. Thinking about it, the actions we convey are not necessarily beautiful, but maybe the beauty is in the imperfection of how we live everyday and how we view the world around us. It is imperfect and messy. So if the things we do, literally are not beautiful, what is? Is it our thoughts? Our Imagination? Personality? Creativity? Logic? Innovation?

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