December 1, 2009

This is how I see it

I listen to Fiona Apple 'til I fall into a slumber then I dream fast & steady of better days with fancier shoes on my cute little toes.
This is how I see it.
Always have, and the thought that I always will does not seem to disturb.
I wanted a lot of material
I wanted a lot of material things
I needed the material to make up my canvas
Now that that it is done, I need to paint it.
I want them to know
That I'm going to come
Whether it be now, tomorrow or following year.
Though now I'd like to report
That this suit I've so stylishly made for me and my friends
Is digging itself straight into the ground
And that fact is so far from the truth
Birds in Denver can hear it.
Half the time my mind is a blur
And the other half it's writing mathematical equations.
However hard and tough things seem to get, the more I am prone to think:
How now I am,
Finally feeling the stitching of beautiful seams.